for the life of your building.

FREE repairs for life.
That’s right FREE repairs for the life of your building.

We are so confident about the quality of our hand dryers that we guarantee them for life. This combined with our long warranties, offers you complete peace of mind.

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for the life of our planet.

1% of every sale of a Dryflow hand dryer is a donation to environmental causes and helping life on our planet.

One of the biggest differences between hand dryers and paper towels is their environmental impact.

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The Word's First Carbon Neutral Hand Dryer Range

The Word's First Carbon Neutral Hand Dryer Range

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for the life of our people.

Sustainability means far more than just taking care of the planet, it's also about the lives of our people.

We care about our team members and want them to have the best possible environment in which they can grow; We invest in their future creating an enjoyable, fun working environment that promotes growth and gives great opportunities for success.

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About Dryflow

Dryflow provides the widest selection of hand dryers on the market, making it easy to find perfect solutions for every situation, location or budget. And that’s not all: we stand for reducing carbon footprints, building circularity into everything we do, and investing in environmental and social projects.

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