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Our planet

Every purchase of a Dryflow hand dryer is a commitment to helping life on our planet. 
One of the biggest differences between hand dryers and paper towels is their environmental impact.

Words first carbon neutral hand dryer, Certified carbon neutral business, 1% of every sale donated to environmental charities, long life products.

The world’s first
carbon neutral range. 

a certified carbon neutral range

We are delighted to have launched the world’s first carbon neutral hand dryers, a range of ten 100% carbon-neutral dryers, officially verified by ClimatePartner.

By buying a carbon-neutral hand dryer, you are making an immediate impact on climate change and saving money in the process.

These savings carry on throughout the dryer’s lifetime, reducing paper waste, and cleaning costs whilst continuing your carbon savings.

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Hand dryers v paper towels

Carbon saving emissions

Our products save resources.

To date, Dryflow has prevented 250,000 trees from being cut down. Dryflow dryers represent an average of 95% carbon emissions saving versus paper hand towels over the cycle of their life.

One paper towel dispenser used 200 times a day will create 1,800 lbs of paper towel waste every year, whereas electric hand dryers create zero paper waste and reduce the carbon footprint of hand drying by approximately 85%.

Hand dryers v paper towels

As well as being better for the environment hand dryers are roughly 95% LESS expensive than paper towels. Paper towels are an expensive, messy washroom solution, with the continual need for fresh supplies, thousands are spent annually in purchase, cleaning, maintenance and disposal when using paper towels.

FREE repairs

Hand dryers v paper towels

Because the best thing we can do for the planet is cut down on consumption and get more use out of stuff we already own. We believe in keeping things running for the long-term. 

That’s why we offer FREE REPAIRS on all of our units as long as you own them.
As a business, our priority is to ensure that you keep an existing unit rather than purchase new ones.

1 percent for the planet

Every purchase does good!
1% for the planet.

Every purchase of a Dryflow® hand dryer helps the planet.

Here at Dryflow® sustainability and social responsibility form a key part of our values. As members of 1% for the Planet, we give 1% of our sales to environmental and social causes.

1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses giving 1% of sales to non-profit groups working on the front line of environmental preservation around the world.

Climate neutral company
No airfreight

Carbon neutral company

Dryflow® are certified by ClimatePartner as a Carbon Neutral company.

We take responsibility for our entire footprint, including the raw materials, production and disposal of the products we sell, we even account for the emissions created by people travelling to work. It’s important to distinguish between this and companies that claim neutrality by offsetting only their directly produced emissions, like their office energy and cars for example.


We never airfreight

As a carbon-neutral business, we recently banned airfreighting and instead use forms of transportation that reduce our carbon impact on the planet, such as boats, roads or rail.

Action & Education

Volunteering - Moors for the future

The Moors for the Future Partnership works to conserve and protect the most degraded upland landscape in the UK. This crucial work helps with flood management and climate change. In 2022 Dryflow donated £4500 to this important work.
This year our team have been working closely with Moors for the Future, planting sphagnum moss deep within the Peak District moorlands, seeing first hand, how our financial donation is being used to improve the planet.
Volunteering - Carbon literacy project

The Carbon Literacy Project provides education to students, businesses and individuals about carbon accounting and how we can reduce our impact and influence others. The projects were recognised at COP21 as one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs.
Our accredited founder networks and recommends the project to all business leaders and individuals. In 2022 Dryflow donated £1750 to this incredible cause.
Volunteering - Keep Britain Tidy

Our team make the effort to go litter picking every week keeping our local area clean and tidy and a nice place to be.
In the last 12 months, we have donated 300 hours and collected over 2 tonnes of litter from our streets and parks. We have also donated £12500 to “Keep Britain Tidy”