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Dryflow at booking.com

When the leading digital travel company, booking.com, decided to make Manchester the second biggest location for its worldwide employees in July 2021, it needed stylish, on-brand hand dryers that would fit the cool aesthetic of its iconic new HQ.


The high-tech HQ, with a capacity of up to 2,000 staff, needed 40 great value hand dryers that would look good, whilst providing long-term reliability and performance in line with the digital firm’s high standards.


We worked closely with one of our electrical wholesaler partners, G A Nicholas, to reach the exact right solution, the Turboforce Junior MKII Hand Dryer in black, that wouldn’t fail to impress with its sleek, sophisticated looks.

What’s more, booking.com’s building service contractor, Lorne Stewart, who was responsible for installing the dryers, could enjoy extra kudos with superior energy efficiency, fast dry times and low running costs.

The Dryflow Turboforce Junior MKII Hand Dryer

The compact Turboforce Junior MKII is not to be underestimated and is up there with some of the fastest-drying, most energy-efficient and robust hand dryers on the market.

In fact, it can completely dry hands in less than 12 seconds with its powerful airflow, yet is cheap to run with 3,000 dries possible for just £1 spent on electricity. A perfect match for a fast-paced industry where speed and efficiency is of the essence.

It comes with a three-year guarantee, for added peace of mind, and is even super quick and easy to fit.