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Dryflow at Morgan Stanley

If any company knows about good investments, it’s multinational investment and financial services firm, Morgan Stanley, who made the shrewd decision to switch to more cost-effective hand dryers from the summer of 2022.


The UK branch of the international firm, with offices in London and Glasgow, was previously using the Dyson AB14, until its buildings managers crunched the numbers and realised there were many cost savings to be achieved by moving to more energy-efficient hand dryers.


Morgan Stanley’s workplace solutions provider, CBRE, approached one of our electrical wholesaler partners, Edmundon’s Electrical, to source the perfect hand dryers. We worked closely with the wholesaler to help them arrive at the ideal solution – the Dryflow Steelforce Hand Dryer. This popular, hands-in dryer, designed for high-traffic areas, can provide 1,875 dries per just £1 of electricity, whilst offering reliability and certainty… in the washroom at least.

The Dryflow Steelforce

With famously fast dry times, this dryer is made for busy, fast-paced environments where time is money. It even features a guiding light to help the user maximise the powerful airflow for optimum efficiency.

Its sleek, stainless steel lines allow it to fit in the most prestigious of washrooms, and it can certainly give the Dyson Airblade AB14 a run for its money, both in looks and performance that would normally be associated with a much more expensive dryer.

The design team behind the Dryflow Steelforce Hand Dryer have created a unit with second-to-none efficiency that’s cheap to run, great value to purchase, and is built to last. It comes with market-leading guarantees and a robust build that will keep it running and running, with limited need for maintenance.